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Leading Edge Technology

Leading Edge Technology

National Plastics & Seals is your source for the Next Generation of Plastic & Rubber components.   In additional to marketing a variety of plastic and rubber components, National Plastics & Seals is constantly offering the latest in Leading Edge Technology.   We recognize that our customers want to be proactive and leaders in their respective industries by developing and introducing products that meet and exceed future performance requirements.

Two new areas that National Plastics & Seals is offering meets these future performance needs.

Plastic sheets with Microban ® antimicrobial protection.

Microban® is an additive that contains active ingredients which are incorporated into the polymer structure, enabling it to provide antimicrobial protection across the entire surface area and into the substrate.  When microbes come in contact with our plastic sheet that contains Microban®, the Microban® ingredient penetrates the cell wall, affecting the cell's ability to function, grow and reproduce.  

The Microban® sheet from National Plastics & Seals is an ideal choice in the healthcare, food industry, retail industry,  airline industries and for wall coverings where preventing the growth and spread of microbles, including odor and stain causing bacteria and fungi, is particularly important.  Antimicrobial protection is a distinct benefit in areas where cleanliness matters.

National Plastics & Seals sheet containing Microban® can be manufacturered into numerous products via standard fabrication techniques including thermoforming and membrane pressed.

Microban Antimicrobial protection Microban Antimicrobial protection Microban Antimicrobial protection
Microban Antimicrobial protection Microban Antimicrobial protection  

Plastic Sheet, Rod, Tube and Profiles made from Bio-Polymers.

National Plastics & Seals is offering extruded sheet, rod, tube and profiles made from Bio-Polymers based on renewable raw materials such as PLA, Cellulose based and wood-plastic composites.

Bio-Polymers Bio-Polymers
Bio-Polymers Bio-Polymers
Bio-Polymers Bio-Polymers Bio-Polymers
Bio-Polymers Bio-Polymers


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