Food & Beverage Industry

Plastic materials are used in many types of food processing machines, including chutes, hoppers, tanks, and conveyors. Cutting boards, rollers, guide rails, and storage containers also require food-grade plastics, so it’s important to use the right food contact materials for the given food processing application.

Here are the benefits of using food-grade plastics and our capabilities at National Plastics & Seals.

Benefits of Food & Beverage Plastic Fabrication Solutions

National Plastics & Seals, Inc. provides food and beverage plastic fabrication for many types of food processing parts and products. A few of the main advantages of our food and beverage plastic fabrication solutions include:

  • Ease of fabrication — Food-grade polyethylene and other plastics are easier to fabricate than other types of materials, allowing for more versatility.
  • Excellent bearing and wear characteristics — Another benefit of plastic fabrication in the food and beverage industry is the enhanced resistance to wear and damage compared to other materials, making them more durable and long-lasting.
  • Lighter weight than metal — Plastic can also replace metal in some food processing applications as a lightweight alternative.
  • FDA compliance and quality assurance — We have the ability to supply Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant grades of PTFE, acrylic, PEI, PET, and PE for safe contact with food. Our ISO 9001-certified quality assurance processes incorporate material traceability, inspection procedures, and dimensional accuracy to optimize quality across all product offerings.

Our Food & Beverage Plastic Fabrication Services

You’ll enjoy multiple benefits working with National Plastics that you won’t find with other plastic fabricators.

Food & Beverage Industry Expertise

One element that sets us apart is our more than 35 years of experience behind every fabrication project. We understand our customers’ needs and work to meet them by overcoming the specific challenges of the food and beverage industry, such as stringent sanitation, hygiene, and cleaning standards.

Increased Flexibility and Customizability

Depending on your individual needs, we’ll develop a solution that works for you. We have the right materials, equipment, and skills to fulfill your unique equipment design specifications. Our engineering expertise gives customers maximum design flexibility, as we deliver components that balance cost-effectiveness and performance.

A Large Selection of Products and Distribution Services

National Plastics & Seals fabricates and distributes a vast line of customizable stock plastic products for the food and beverage industry, including:

  • Rubber products
  • Rods
  • Sheets
  • Tubing
  • Heat shrink tubing

Food & Beverage Plastic Fabrication by National Plastics

For some of the most reliable food-grade plastic solutions available for food and beverage applications, turn to the professionals at National Plastics & Seals Inc. In addition to plastic food processing parts, our capabilities include acrylic fabrication, heat shrink tubing, precision machined plastic, fiberglass sleeves, and electrical insulation sleeves.

To get started on a project with us or learn more about what we can do for your application, request information today.