Precision Machined Plastic Parts

Since 1985, National Plastics and Seals has worked with our customers from prototype to finished product to deliver precision machined plastic parts with a commitment to quality, service, and value. Our manufacturing facility is stocked with a wide range of raw materials and modern equipment to create parts suitable for various applications. With our highly trained employees, we can produce precision machined parts accurately and quickly with production volumes ranging from one to thousands.

Advantages and Uses of Precision Machined Plastic Parts

When you work with National Plastics and Seals for precision machined plastic parts, we can advise you on which plastic materials will work best for your project. 

precision machined plastic partsRather than trying to find something close and make it work for your purposes, we offer precisely fit, bespoke parts for your needs. With conventional plastic machining capabilities, we can supply milling, screw machine, turning high-quality plastic components at competitive prices. Specific capabilities include engineering, welding, annealing, plastic polishing, and more to meet all of your custom plastic fabrication needs.

Key advantages of custom machined plastic parts include:  

  • Significant cost savings in production and assembly processes
  • Reduced costs for parts and materials
  • Optimum functionality 
  • Custom parts are annealed for maximum durability and strength

Applications for Precision Machined Plastic Parts

The many benefits of precision machined plastic parts make them popular for a wide range of industries and applications, including:


AerospaceAerospace and military requirements call for weight reductions to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This has increased the demand for lightweight machined plastic parts rather than traditional metals.



Applications for plastic machined parts within the semiconductor and electronics industries include wafer handling applications, wet process components, CMP rings, etch and CVS chamber applications, and many more.


Attaining low infection rates has now become critical for hospitals that are dependent on government funding. For this reason, specialty plastics are becoming increasingly integrated into a range of medical devices with antimicrobial additives.



Specialty plastic materials are helping telecommunications companies stay competitive due to their many beneficial features. These features include static-dissipative properties to protect sensitive circuitry, rapid production, high resistance to corrosion and heat, and more. 


U.S. agriculture goes through approximately 1 billion pounds of plastics annually. Specifically, specialty plastics are used for greenhouse covers, wear pads, sheaves, pipes, tubing, gears, films for covering mulch, and more.

Waste Treatment

Plastic machined parts are used for a wide range of wastewater and water treatment components, including sprockets, wear pads, bushings, seals, saddles, rollers, drainage units, valves, catch basins, connectors, and much more. 

Oil & Gas

Plastic machined parts are ideal for the oil & gas industry due to their ability to withstand high pressure, heavy loads, abrasive chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Food & Beverage

Precision machined plastic parts are suitable for various food & beverage applications. When used in augers, hoppers, sprockets, rollers, and chute liners, plastic parts can reduce the need for food-grade lubricants, improve hygiene, shorten certification time, and even lengthen the shelf life of consumable products.

Precision Machined Plastic Parts from National Plastics and Seals

At National Plastics and Seals, we are a recognized industry leader in the supply of precision machined and fabricated plastic components. We are also a distributor of heat shrink tubing; plastic sheet, rod, and tube profiles; and rubber products. With over 35 years of experience, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality precision machined plastic parts to suit various needs. 

To learn more about our capabilities, feel free to contact us today or request more information.