CNC Routing & Heat Bending of an Acrylic Brochure Display

CNC Routing and Heat Bending of an Acrylic Brochure Display

A customer in the retail industry commissioned National Plastics & Seals, Inc. for CNC routing of a brochure display. We used our sophisticated techno CNC router to cut custom shapes, and then applied heat bending. We then packaged it for shipment to the client.

The acrylic used measured 1/8 inch thick. The overall length of the display was 11 inches, the width was 8.5 inches and depth was 3 inches. We thoroughly inspected the product, ensuring the measurements were accurate. We worked to tight tolerances, down to ± 1/16 inches. National Plastics & Seals, Inc. produced 300 units of the product. We delivered them to the client in Algonquin, Illinois. They were extremely pleased with the project from start to finish.

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Product Description This custom acrylic display is used to hold and display brochures.
CNC Routing Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
CNC Routing
  • Cut Custom Shapes
Heat Bending
  • Cleaning
  • Individually Bagged and Boxed
Equipment Used to Manufacture Product Techno CNC Router
  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • 5' x 8' Bed
Overall Brochure Display Dimensions Material Thickness: 
Clear: 1/8"
Length: 11.00"
Width: 8.50"
Depth: 3.00"
Tightest Tolerances ± 1/16"  
Material Used Clear Acrylic  
Features Designed to Hold Brochures  
In process testing/Inspection performed Measurements Taken During Machining to Ensure Proper Dimensions Were Kept
Industry for Use Retail  
Volume 300 Units  
Delivery Time 2 Weeks  
Delivery Location Algonquin, Illinois  
Standards Met Design Based off of Customers Logo and Ability to Hold Brochures
Product Name Acrylic Brochure Display